Development hourly rate

$80.00 $40.00

Domain & Hosting Server setting

The price is an hourly rate.
Be aware the fee does NOT include the 3rd part charge.

  • Australian Domains from $ 14.95 annually
    [,, ]
  • World Wide Domains  from $ 19.95 annually
    [,, ]

If you would like to apply for a domain name with .au, You will need to prepare an ABN number

  1. Send us the domain name you would like to register along with your ABN number.
  2. We require your ABN to registered your domain to ensure you will have full ownership of your domain name.

TIP: The shorter and more concise your URL (domain name) is, the better.

A shorter URL (domain name) is easier to remember, fits easily on printed material, and is more likely to “stick” in someone’s head so it can be recalled.

Please note: ABN number is not required when registering a .com or .net extension.




We are not hosting a server, your website will pay to the 3rd part company. If you need our help to apply a domain or set up the hosting server. It will cost some extra fee by hourly. It depends on which provider you will cooper with. Normally will take an hour to do so.