We are a trustworthy team of folks who can provide a range of full- or part-time services to help you have more free time, be more organized and live a less stressful life.

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How We Can Help You Be Happy 2!

From house-managing to house-sitting to house-guests, Aboytez Home Management Services can take the stress out of your day so you can live up to your commitments. Let us help you be your best at home and away from home.

When You're at Home

Shopping and running errands

Cooking meals, from the simple to the elegant, to please your entire family and meet your dietary requirements

Arranging for and meeting subcontractors for maintenance and repairs

Accepting deliveries and supervising installations

Housekeeping, from light to deep detailing

Taking pets to groomer and veterinarian

Making those time-consuming phone calls

Organizing/filing paperwork

When You're Away

Feeding cats, dogs and fish

Walking dogs and petting cats

Transporting pets to veterinarian for routine or unexpected care

Watering inside/outside plants

Rotating lights on/off

Canceling/intercepting newspaper delivery

Taking in mail, from sorting to shredding to recycling

Restocking refrigerator/pantry for your return

When You're Entertaining

Planning the perfect birthday/graduation/dinner/cocktail party, in your home or elsewhere, for a small or large group

Planning business events, from meeting refreshments to large corporate functions

Consulting on menu, including appetizers, entrées, sides and desserts

Choosing and sourcing wines

Selecting decorations and give-aways

Arranging rentals, transportation and valet

Post-event cleanup